What We Do:

Captions are for the deaf or hearing impaired. Audio description is for the blind or visually impaired.
Audio Eyes produces superior quality video description with the fastest turn around times in the industry!
We offer captioning and video description in multiple languages.
Our pricing is competitive and we handle virtually any media format.
Audio Eyes believes in providing extremely accurate description with our clients and their consumers in mind!

Who We Serve:


What Makes Our Video Description Superior?

Our Quality Assurance Practices

  1. Audio Eyes is the ONLY video description company to guarantee that each and every program video described is reviewed by expert blind consumers to ensure our description exceeds all national standards for effectiveness and accessibility.
  2. Our professional audio engineers have more than a decade experience producing video description for hundreds of television programs, award-winning DVDs, and federally mandated government websites.
  3. We have a full spectrum of voice over talent. We hand-pick the voice to compliment your program.
  4. Our video description is hand-mixed to achieve a seamless blend, maintaining the high production value of your program; unlike other companies who allow software to make mix decisions.
  5. We have the speediest turn around times in the industry due to our dynamic workforce, efficient workflow and 24/7 operations just minutes away from Burbank, CA.

Serve tens of millions of visually impaired consumers plus their friends and families!
Provide an accessible entertainment alternative for anyone who wishes to enjoy your video without viewing a screen.

What Is The Right Term?

In the video description industry, there are a number of terms used which essentially mean the same thing.

Some of the terms include:

  • Audio Description
  • Descriptive Narration
  • Descriptive Video
    • Descriptive Audio
    • DVS
  • Video Description

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